Space Renaissance Initiative DE

Gemeinn?zige Unternehmergesellschaft (i.A)



SRI-DE is the German Chapter of Space Renaissance International. We are a non-profit corporation providing R&D Consultancy and Education in the following domains:

About the SRI philosophy

Space Renaissance Initiative is a new, global philosophy, having its basic ground on Earth and its natural development in extraterrestrial space.

Our founding concepts are New Humanism and Astro-Humanism. We look to the past Renaissance (1500) as an inspiration for our heritage and capacity to aim high. We accomplish great projects by means of good will and mutual cooperation.

Among our goals:

SRI-DE is based in Germany, but welcomes residents from neighbouring countries without national SRI chapters as members. Therefore the language of communication and instruction of SRI-DE will be English. Please visit the Space Renaissance International website for information on local chapters in your country of residence. Hopefully one day there will be lunar, martian and deep space chapters of SRI as well!

You can also visit us on Facebook.

For any questions, please contact the SRI-DE President.

And please remember, this page is only a placeholder for major things to come!